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Choosing a dance class

If you want to study dance, is important to spend some time finding the correct dance class. Here are some tips that will help you to find a good class and good instructor:

Choose a dance style.
The type of music that you listen to will often be relevant in your selection, but so will your ability to move. Maybe you should to learn about various styles of dance so you can select what style of lessons to try.
Get a List of dance venues
A good way to obtain a list of dance studios is to ask local people and friends for ideas or recommendations of local dance schools. Most dance venues will offer group and individual lessons.
According to this information, check out a few different dance studios, maybe you will contact them through e-mail links, telephone or their websites.
Meet the teachers
A sensible idea is to make an appointment to meet the dance teachers. Choosing a dance professional is one of the most important things in becoming a success dancer; here some tips that will help you to find a good dance teacher.
A good dance teacher is really important. A dance teacher not only teaches new steps and movements, but also corrects errors. If you are a novice to dance, select your teacher carefully.

Some qualities of a Good Dance professional:
Experience: You need to know: How long has the instructor been teaching? How long has he or she been dancing? If any he or she has a dancing certification. Are they “hobby teachers” Where did they train? Never be afraid to ask. A professional teacher is happy to answer such questions. If they bluster, choose someone else. Some amateurs dance in an affected way to try to impress people but are not skilled in the art of teaching.
Qualification: For many modern styles such as Salsa, Tango and Latin dances, there are some recognised diplomas but most seem to come from the Ballroom field that’s why experience counts.
Dedication: The teacher is truly dedicated to dance, if she/he was a professional dancer, you can expect a great deal of pride and dedication for the profession of dance. A dedicated dance instructor will appear excited with the idea to teaching others how to dance.
Punctuality: A good dance instructor will always be in class before students and ready to teach at the time listed. If they aren’t, choose another teacher as they don’t have respect for their students.
Respect: A good instructor will respect every one of her/his students and pay attention to each student and correct them individually, helping them to progressively build their technique. Also they should participate within the class to aid students in their development.
Find a dance studio conveniently located near your home or work will make getting to the dance studio easier.
Determine the prices
Is important to consider the time and the money before beginning to take dance lessons. Most courses of 6 weeks can be around £60, depending on the level of the teacher, reputation of the course and dance studios.
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