Benefits of Tango

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Benefits of Tango

There are many ways to stay healthy but any physician will tell you that health can be broken down into the key areas of physical, emotional, and mental health. Some of the best activities you can do for yourself will tackle all of these elements at once. Taking dance classes like Tango is a great way to do that effectively. 

Tango Dancing 

Tango is a social, partner dance that has been around since the 1880’s. The type of dance being a social dance requires engagement with other people, which means it helps with:

  • Mental health

  • Emotional health

  • Physical health

Mental Health

With many dance classes you can bring your own partner so that you feel comfortable starting out with someone you know or you can simply show up as an individual and be partnered with another individual, a good way to make new friends and increase the socialization. Studies have shown that being part of a social group like this work to lower things like depression and anxiety. They lead to overall improved Mental Health.

This is particularly true of older individuals. As people age they tend to live in isolation especially as they get significantly older and loved ones move away or pass away. The more engaged you are in any type of social activity, the happier you will be and the healthier you will be. In fact, even participation in something as simple as a Tango class once a week or twice a week gives you a social group that can prove helpful when you endure mental or emotional struggles. Studies confirm that it doesn’t take much for a group to provide you with emotional support during a hard time but having that group can make all the difference.

Emotional Health

Your emotional well-being can be improved by participating in classes because learning a new skill is the key to cleaning plaque between your neural Pathways in your brain. As plaque buildup along the neural Pathways impedes the traffic that would otherwise be moving along those Pathways sending critical messages to different parts of your brain. This helps with things like memory, hormone regulation, and emotional regulation. Learning a new skill also provides higher levels of competence which goes a long way toward improving your emotional well-being. And as mentioned, being able to do something with other people and give you an emotional support when you need it most. 

Physical Health

One of the leading causes of injury to those who get older is a lack of balance. Not having proper balance is often the cause of Falls or slit which can lead to broken bones. dancing is one of the best ways to improve your balance. Being on your feet and moving around the Dance Floor forces you to understand different steps, to move back and forth quickly with agility. Dancing is a great way to learn a new skill that will help a simple misstep turning into a serious fall. 

What’s more, dancing is a wonderful form of cardiovascular exercise. This keeps your entire body healthy, keeps your blood flowing which helps to remove toxins and other build up out of the way while simultaneously moving important nutrients throughout the body where they need to be. Simple cardiovascular exercises for an hour or two once a week meet the requirements for most people’s cardiovascular help. dancing improve coordination, cardiovascular health, and muscular health. Moving around on your feet, controlling another partner, and wearing dancing shoes goes a long way toward improving the muscles in your feet and your legs which, long-term will not only improve things like balance and agility but posture. 

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