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Teaching Tango with style since 2002

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Thursdays Tango Watford 6 week structured courses are closed at the moment. Please call back to this site for regular updates.

A structured social style course with Richard Tangoduende (teaching since 2002) Developing the steps of social Argentine Tango. This is not show or Nuevo style. You will be taken through the steps in a fun way with Richard. There will be 2 weeks of Salon, Milonga and Vals for Intermediate course. By the end of the courses, you will feel a better dancer than when you started. You are never too old to learn and make new friends on that journey. I have a selection of Tango dance video clips that I enjoy, click here to view.

please go to our booking page Numbers limited to 12 students.
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Any questions please call: Tel 07944 462461