Testimonials from Tango students

13/07/2017 Sonia, private Tango lessons

“Private classes with Richard has improved my dancing from Beginner to Advanced in a matter of weeks. Richard’s style is comfortable and fun, but I’m still learning so much in each lesson. It isn’t just about going at my pace, or working on specific moves, but also having an hour in the week for myself to just enjoy dancing! Many dance studios like to teach standard rigid routines, but Richard has taught me how to Tango. Now I have the confidence to dance with anyone, anywhere.

20/08/2016 Lawrence. Watford Course student.

Tango Duende gave me skills and musicality in dancing that my partners praise. When I started I was to taught how to walk like a dancer and to lead the steps in a way that can be followed confidently. Now after practice and patient guidance I can develop the dance to follow the phrasing of the music in a creative way. My Saturday evenings on the floor have earned my many new friends. I recommend Richard

9/12/2014 Janet Danceworks student
Hi Richard,
Thanks for an excellent lesson, just hope I will be able to remember everything that you have taught me and all at the same time.
That is, axis, frame and “duck feet”! Oh and no stepping..Thanks, Janet (Tuesday class)

23/3/2014 Ann Connolly-Waltz workshop, Watford

Thanks Richard for making me feel so welcome. It was really fun. I throughly enjoyed the class. I have definitely got the bug again. Unfortunately Thursdays are a bit awkward for me at the moment so I might have to find something nearer. I have a bit more flexibility at the weekend, so you might find me in another workshop in the future.
Cheers Ann

31/05/2013 Anna Rackett, Watford
Hi Richard, Thank you for your message. Both me and Jeff enjoyed the first class and your fantastic teaching methods(as well as your sense of humour) We are looking foreward to our next lessons and hopefully appearing on “Strictly” anytime soon…but not to soon. Best wishes Anna

Deeka Saeed MBA
Head Trainer at Island TEFL
When I was looking to get Tango classes Richard came highly recommended. I went to the class and it exceeded my expectations. He was very creative, understanding, took time to make me get the step, he was fun, all in all very enjoyable. I will continue to learn from him.
If you really want to learn latin dancing, Richard is the man.
January 28, 2010, Deeka was Richard’s client

Jonathon Solomons
EMEA Partner Manager at Pentaho
Hired Richard for some Tango instruction in 2006.
He has a great style that makes you feel comfortable, his coaching is very easy to understand, lessons were enjoyable, and I had a great summer Tangoing after his tuition.
If you’re looking to learn to dance particular style Richard is an excellent person to coach you!
January 22, 2010, Jonathon was Richard’s client