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I run regular six week courses for social style Tango for beginners and those with experience. Style and musicality are developed as we progress.  There are limited numbers for the benefit of clients. Tangoduende use partner rotation teaching method, so you do not need a partner.


Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Lawrence. Watford student.
Tango Duende gave me skills and musicality in dancing that my partners praise. When I started I was to taught how to walk like a dancer and to lead the steps in a way that can be followed confidently. Now after practice and patient guidance I can develop the dance to follow the phrasing of the music in a creative way. My Saturday evenings on the floor have earned my many new friends. I recommend Richard.

Lawrence Stribling


I did a Tango session on the opening night, having attended some very dour classes in the past. It was a lot of fun and I smiled non stop. It is such a pleasure to learn from someone who loves dancing and enjoys passing on the knowledge. Thanks, Susy. Hampstead.

Suzy -dance course

Ann Connolly-
Waltz workshop
Thanks Richard for making me feel so welcome. It was really fun. I thoroughly enjoyed the class. I have definitely got the bug again. Unfortunately Thursdays are a bit awkward for me at the moment so I might have to find something nearer. I have a bit more flexibility at the weekend, so you might find me in another workshop in the future.
Cheers Ann

Ann Conolly

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